DW Trends 2022: Champagne Diamonds

DW Trends 2022: Champagne Diamonds

The closing of the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia was massive news in the jewelry industry at the end of 2020. Argyle was the fourth largest producer of diamonds in the world with an average of 8 million carats per year. Argyle was the biggest producer of colored diamonds, including rare, coveted pink and red diamonds. The closing of the mine - which was also known as the largest source of champagne diamonds worldwide - marked the end of an era.

As such, the value of already popular champagne diamonds from Argyle have and will continue to climb as we enter 2022. Viewed as amazing pieces for collectors, the natural beauty of champagne diamonds is paired with the artistic design aesthetic of Dana Walden Bridal in our collections of Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings.

Champagne diamond engagement rings are generally sought after as a festive ring for a New Years' Eve proposals- a classic-but-non traditional look meant to serve as a reminder of the night you agreed to spend your lives together.

 Our ROWENA 1.05ct champagne diamond set in rose gold (an exclusive alloy created by Dana to work best with a range of skin tones) is a gorgeous minimalist design that really lets the gem shine. Hand-selected round & marquise diamonds set on either side act like spotlights, lighting up that gorgeous center gem. ROWENA is ready to ship now, and will ship in 2-3 days as is or 9-10 days if you need it resized. Expedited shipping may be available; please email sales@danawaldenbridal.com to inquire. $6175; View ROWENA Product Page

HATTIE is one of our most romantic designs ever, featuring a gorgeous nature-inspired 14K gold setting. Hand-selected marquise gemstones are bezel set into a handmade leafy motif. Compass prongs are set at North, South, East and West of a breathtaking cushion cut champagne diamond. A truly whimsical design, this ring also ships in 2-3 days (add 7 days if you need it resized). $6700; View HATTIE Product Page

The ELSIE oval champagne diamond engagement ring features a "star" studded ultra thin band that glitters with every move of the hand. This 1.13ct gemstone makes for an engagement ring that is as magical as it is substantial. This ring is READY TO SHIP and will arrive in just 2-3 days. $6400; View ELSIE Product Page


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