Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with Dana Walden Bridal

Creating a Custom Engagement Ring with Dana Walden Bridal

Our inaugural Featured Couple, Laura & Eric of NYC, are newly-engaged with a custom teal sapphire Dana Walden engagement ring. Here, they share the very special story of collaborating with Dana & Rad Chin of Dana Walden Bridal to create their very special jewel.

Featured Couple Laura Yang & Eric Greenstein: Teal sapphire engagement ring with diamond halo

 Photo by Elsie Goodman, shared courtesy of Laura Yang & Eric Greenstein

Finding the perfect engagement ring is an exciting undertaking that can, at times, be overwhelming. Sometimes couples search far and wide for the perfect ring, only to find the ready-made rings aren’t quite what they’re looking for. Still, many couples think a custom ring is either out of their reach or would only further complicate matters by opening a Pandora’s box of endless possibilities.

Dana Walden puts timeless-yet-distinctive custom design within your reach, and designers Dana & Rad Chin happily demystify the entire process of creating a custom engagement ring for you, from start to finish. In a highly personalized approach, Dana & Rad create a warm, welcoming environment where you can share your aesthetic preferences, hopes, and dreams for your ring in a “one-on-one” scenario.

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After Laura Yang & Eric Greenstein of New York City booked a custom design consultation with Dana Walden, Dana & Rad curated a series of gems for the couple to choose from. (It’s worth noting that Dana & Rad are more than just jewelry designers; they’re also avid gem collectors with an amazing library of sapphires and other unique gemstones at their disposal. They also work with a vast network of reliable dealers all over the world.) After selecting the perfect gem, Laura & Eric then entrusted the designers to create the perfect engagement ring for Laura: “Laura typically steers away from the traditional,” said Eric, so the design would have to suit her dynamic and classy vibe. 

Featured Couple: Laura & Eric of NYC create a custom teal sapphire engagement ring with Dana Walden
Photo by Elsie Goodman, shared courtesy of Laura Yang & Eric Greenstein


“We knew that we were looking for a non-diamond engagement ring, and very few places in New York City had a good selection of them,” Groom-to-be Eric said. After some Web research, the couple found Dana Walden’s 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp. They enjoyed the personalized experience that Dana & Rad provided; the process is a true collaboration between client and artisan, to ensure that your piece is a truly unique and accurate representation of your love and life together.

Ultimately, Laura & Eric fell in love with a richly-hued, deep teal sapphire that worked nicely with the signature dark-green jade bangle that Laura always wears; a proud nod to Laura's Chinese culture & heritage. Dana & Rad created a seamless French cut diamond halo design that perfectly suited Laura’s hands.

Within 10 minutes of walking into your studio, we knew that we could trust you two with customizing a special piece. We were impressed by your care and attention to detail, and your skill and love for your craft. We visited a handful of other jewelers before finding you, and the experience we had with you was simply on another level. From one interracial couple to another, we were also inspired by how you use your platform to advocate- the world needs more of that right now.” 

-Laura & Eric

Featured Couple Laura & Eric of NYC

Photo by Elsie Goodman, shared courtesy of Laura Yang & Eric Greenstein

More About Laura & Eric

Laura & Eric met online after matching in three different apps on the same day and went on their first date about 4 years ago. “While we share many values and interests, we come from different worlds,” Laura said. “I grew up in China and the UK before moving to the Bay Area for college. Eric is from a suburb of Boston and lived within an hour of where he was born until he moved to the Bay Area for grad school.” They eventually relocated to New York City together.

“We balance each other out,” Eric explains. “Laura is more adventurous and I tend to be more grounded.” The couple bonds over their love for food, travel, and family.

Teal sapphire custom engagement ring by Dana Walden Bridal JewelryPhoto by Elsie Goodman, shared courtesy of Laura Yang & Eric Greenstein 

In searching for the perfect jeweler, Laura & Eric especially appreciated Dana's & Rad's advocacy-through-art with the Dana Walden Loving Day Wedding Band. “We felt connected to Dana & Rad as an interracial couple- it is not always easy!” Laura said. The couple also appreciated Dana Walden's production ethics and use of 100% ethical gems and fine metals in every piece they create.

Eric proposed on a recent trip to Mexico City where he scoped out the perfect setting: beautiful Amsterdam Avenue, lined with lush greenery and stunning architecture. Laura & Eric celebrated afterwards with a sushi omakase, one of their traditions. 

Big love and hearty congratulations to you both, Laura & Eric. It was such a pleasure to create this amazing jewel with you. 


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