All About Grey Diamonds

All About Grey Diamonds

Shivana Grey Diamond Ring

Back in February, we launched our SHIVANA Grey Diamond Engagement Ring on Instagram and the design quickly became a fan favorite. Creating this piece started with the responsibly-sourced diamond. In seeking out a grey diamond for the Dana Walden Bridal collection, Rad was looking for something truly stunning that sparked curiosity, and told a story on its own.

Instagram post - launch of Shivana Grey Diamond ring


When Rad first saw the SHIVANA grey diamond, it wasn't sitting under fancy lights and the stone had this intense sparkle, which can be rare for opaque diamonds. "When the light hits this stone, it refracts back to the viewer in shades of chrome, steely grey, and gunmetal. It's such an intense diamond," Rad shares. 


Shivana Grey Diamond engagement ring by Dana Walden

But don't call the grey diamond a fad; the popularity of the SHIVANA ring years after initial interest in grey diamonds spiked in around 2017, is an indication that brides with a timeless-yet-distinctive vibe will be seeking these character-filled gems for years to come.

"Standard white diamonds seem... a little stuffy," one SHIVANA fan said. Other folks stated that grey diamonds were a sophisticated and surprising way to update traditional settings. To read more about our SHIVANA design see our SHIVANA product page and Instagram Deep Dive.

Interested in learning more about grey diamonds? Keep reading.

Here are some facts and FAQs that we often share with our clients seeking custom work, or showing interest in the SHIVANA design.

Q: What is a grey diamond?

Grey diamonds come in two major varieties: Fancy Grey (like SHIVANA) and Salt & Pepper diamonds. If you like the idea of a grey diamond but prefer clarity, a Fancy Grey (available in a range of shades from Faint Grey to Fancy Dark Grey) might be for you. If you'd like a more modern look, the black and white specks, or inclusions, of Salt & Pepper diamonds might interest you.

Grey Diamonds

VIA JayKrishnaDiamond/ Etsy

Inclusions and the "imperfection" of Salt & Pepper diamonds typically means that prices are more reasonable for these gems, but some artistic brides actually prefer the "imperfectly perfect" look of these "colored" diamonds more than they seek out standard yellow or blue diamonds.

Depending on the stone you find, grey diamonds can range in levels of clarity/ opacity and translucency. You can also go for a lighter grey or seek out diamonds with a tone closer to black. If you like the drama of black diamonds (as shown in our MONA ring) or deep teal sapphires, you might also consider darker variations of grey diamonds.

Explore grey diamonds with a Google Image Search and let us know if you'd like our help sourcing the perfect grey diamond for you!

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Q: What causes the color in diamonds?

How a diamond looks is a direct reflection of the conditions of the environment in which it grew. Without getting too geological, diamonds are essentially a rare form of crystalline carbon. Clear, "white" diamonds are composed entirely of carbon with a perfectly crystalline structure. These are very rare and have defined the industry standard of "perfect" for a very long time. Needless to say, preferences and trends have changed, with interest in certain colored diamonds spiking over time. Remember J.Lo's pink diamond from Ben Affleck? 

Additionally, the conditions allowing for inclusions or the "defects" in a diamond's composition leading to a stone being a certain hue is a truly magical process with naturally beautiful results. A yellow diamond, for example, means the presence of more nitrogen than carbon in a stone's makeup. (Source)

In the case of grey diamonds, a spike in hydrogen or boron is present in the stone's makeup.

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