All About Bridal & Engagement Ring Stacks

All About Bridal & Engagement Ring Stacks

by Tabitha Sukhai

Ring stacking is a term used to describe wearing combinations of rings on one finger and/or across many fingers on a single hand. Your stacking arrangement can include standard rings worn at the base of the finger, as well as dainty midi rings and stacks don't have to be limited to thin, dainty bands (although these tend to be the easiest to stack in a versatile and practical way). Bridal sets stacked with anniversary bands are the O.G. "stack" though, and you can create the perfect curated arrangement to suit your style and personality.

Rad doing some mixed-metal stacking in the studio.

Bridal stacks should start with a strong & striking base with your engagement ring design. An elegant and timeless piece gives you a strong foundation to build upon. Not to mention, bridal stacking also takes the guesswork out of future anniversary gifting! Most jewelry lovers will happily accept new bands to add to their stack year after year, with some opting to wear the whole stack or switching out new combos on some days and wearing singular bands alone on other days.

Modern sets and stacks (bridal and non-bridal) aren't limited to thin delicate bands, though. Some on-trend stacks include chunky, high-carat eternity engagement bands paired with all-metal wedding bands (as shown below), or an additional eternity band in a varying gemstone shape. Think, a stately emerald-cut diamond eternity band stacked with a round brilliant eternity band, creating a chunky and prominent, non-traditional bridal stack. 


Queen Letizia Ortiz of Spain engagement band and wedding ring.
Queen Letizia of Spain wears this bridal set.

For her bridal set, Queen Letizia of Spain stacks two bands in an arrangement that some call avant-garde (and others call austere). The Queen's engagement band features 16 baguette diamonds in an eternity design, which she pairs with a prominent gold wedding band in a striking mixed-metal combo (shown above).

Megan Markle's bridal stack (left), and Kate Middelton's bridal stack (right).


Meanwhile, those other royals also stack their bridal sets: Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wear their engagement rings and Welsh gold wedding bands with an additional band, each. Middleton pairs her iconic Ceylon sapphire engagement ring and yellow gold wedding band with a thin diamond eternity band gifted by her husband at the birth of her first child. Similarly, Markle wears her custom three-stone engagement ring and Welsh gold band with a conflict-free diamond eternity band that has three birthstones incorporated to the design: peridot for Markle, a blue sapphire for her husband, and an emerald for their son. 


Mallory diamond engagement ring by DANA WALDEN
Dana Walden's limited edition Mallory engagement ring with Samara band and Arden band.

 That all said, your engagement ring stack should be a representation of your love, style, and personality. Don't be afraid to mix metals, but be mindful of how different designs play together and avoid stacking rings that will scratch each other. (Certainly, Dana Walden clients can consult with Rad for advice on what rings stack well. For your convenience, she's created two stacking suites that take the guesswork out of creating a bridal stack with thin bands.)


For non-bridal stacks (or bridal stacks, too, for that matter) consider many of the same type of bands in various metals (as shown below), or varying styles in the same metal.


Arden band in yellow gold, white, gold and rose gold with diamonds.
Dana Walden diamond Arden eternity bands in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.


If your ideal scenario is to stack multiple anniversary bands over the years, your best bet could be to opt for a solitaire with an elevated stone setting, so that your bands can sit flush to the ring. Seek out dainty, delicate bands that stack well with your engagement ring design.

Gemma ring with dainty wedding bands- DANA WALDEN BRIDAL
Gemma hidden halo diamond solitaire with Arden 1/3 band and Fontaine band.


If you prefer a low profile ring, consider a curved band that accommodates the shape and style of your setting.

Aquamarine engagement ring by DANA WALDEN BRIDAL.
Ciela aquamarine engagement ring with custom Abrielle curved band.

You might also consider a "tiara"-style band that follows the curves of your engagement ring's design, while adding even more bling to your curated stack.


Marquesa engagement ring with tiara style bands
Custom curved "tiara" style bands adorn our signature Valencia engagement ring design.


And remember, you can go as classic as you like or as dramatic as you like. Our teal sapphire engagement ring designs are packed with rich and glamorously emo vibes, but that doesn't mean you can't stack it up with varying bands, as shown below.


Tiva engagement ring with celeste and india bands- DANA WALDEN BRIDAL
Tiva teal sapphire solitaire engagement ring with Celeste band and India band.



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