All About Anniversary Bands

All About Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands are the perfect gift for any anniversary, particularly big ones like 10th, 25th, and so on. For many couples, anniversaries present an opportunity to upgrade a modest engagement ring, but another popular approach is to stack an existing bridal set with another blingy band.

Certainly, delicate bands create an amazing opportunity to stack bands into your bridal set with ease, but chunkier stacks of stately diamonds have also been trending.

Gemma diamond solitaire engagement ring with two delicate wedding bands
If you're looking for the perfect anniversary band, you can check out our full inventory right here. Below, have a look at our top 10 anniversary bands.

1. Fontaine

Fontaine delicate anniversary band
Our Fontaine Baguette Diamond Wedding Band feature about 0.40ctw of hand selected and certified conflict-free gems, horizontally set for the most delicate look. Available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and Platinum. Starts $1350; Order Yours!

2. Diamond Wreath

Diamond wreathe anniversary band
Alternating round and marquise cut diamonds create a dancing display. Resembles a leafy, luxe wreath. By far one of our most sought after designs, we currently have a ROSE GOLD version of this ring ready to ship. Since this design is NOT an eternity design, it can be easily resized as needed over the years. Starts $2825; Order Yours!
Again PLEASE NOTE, the Diamond Wreath Band is ONLY READY TO SHIP IN ROSE GOLD. All other diamond wreath orders are Special Order/ made to order.

3. Kent 

There's no reason for dudes not to stack an anniversary band or two! The Kent band (starts $270) is available in a range of fine metals and is hand hammered and finished by our founder Dana Walden Chin. Each ring will have its own identifying and unique marks, making it uniquely yours. Here a yellow gold Kent band is shown with a twisted, sculptural Monaco band. Kent is most often purchased at wider widths, but please note that it is available in a range of widths making it a unisex piece that works for anyone. Starts $270; Order Yours!

4. Samara

Diamond eternity anniversary band
Our seamless eternity Samara Diamond Band is ultra-thin and extremely versatile. Each diamond is hand selected by Dana and Rad to work in this made to order arrangement of flawless, conflict-free jewels. Starts $2450; Order Yours!

5. Gilda

round diamond eternity band

This eternity design is from our newest line of band-style rings. A more stately ring, it can be used as an "engagement band" but many have ordered Gilda as a beautiful anniversary band, as well. This is a breathtaking way to beef up or upgrade a current bridal set, or serve as a second band to flank an engagement ring. Starts $5000; Order Yours!

6. Abrielle

Abrielle emerald & diamond curved anniversary band
The detail on this ring is out of this world! We recently created a version with aquamarine that you can see here. Perfect for oval, low-profile engagement rings, the gentle curve of this band accommodates a popular shape while also nesting nicely with other identical Abrielle bands. Starts $1450; Order Yours!

Special Note:

It's worth noting at this point that CUSTOM ENGAGEMENT RINGS AND BANDS are our specialty. If there are any tweaks you think might work for you on any Dana Walden design, please let us know and we would be happy to vet your idea to determine whether it is feasible to ultimately produce just for you! Read more about our custom work here.

7. Stella 

ornate wedding band by dana walden
With an alternating geometric design, this band is detailed and character-filled. It stacks very well with the other delicate diamond bands in our collection, like Arden. $995; Order Yours!

8. Lucca

diamond anniversary band
Every move of the hand will sparkle with light a fire. Another newer band-style ring design, Lucca featured about 0.90ctw of baguette and round diamonds/ Starts $3650; Order Yours!

9. Saanvi


Saanvi engagement wedding anniversary band ring


This new teal sapphire & diamond band is a real head turner. In the spirit of our popular Allie emerald band, this band incorporates beautiful, deep teal oval sapphires with alternating white round diamonds creating a high-impact design. $3500; Order Yours! 

10. Micaela

diamond cluster wedding band
Like everything we make, Dana & Rad hand select 1ctw of ethical diamonds to create this sparkling handmade masterpiece. If you'd prefer to skip the stackers pair your engagement ring with one of these or wear it solo as an anniversary band. $3500; Order Yours!


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