A Few of My Favorite Things: Rad's Fragrances

A Few of My Favorite Things: Rad's Fragrances
It's hard not to throwback to travel memories this time of year, especially during these crazy pandemic times. Dana and I usually travel quarterly, with a couple of trips to Europe every year, which we're clearly not doing for a while.
I love fragrances, especially mixing scents and layering them over complimentary lotions (summer) & oils (winter). So, my "travel shopping" often consists of visiting my favorite fragrance houses, but fragrances also transport me back to some of my favorite places. Here are a few of my favorite finds.
Rad's favorite fragrances
The two Cowshed products (one body oil, the other a light body lotion) are super calming and relaxing. They are from Soho Houses' line of spa treatments and they remind me of our trips to London. We usually stop at the Dean St. House and will hole up for a while in one of their suites, dining in and taking long naps and baths. (This was before Baby Miles, of course.)
London travel photos
The scent from Ormaie is called Yvonne. My mom and I first discovered this fragrance house at Barney's and fell in love with one of their lighter fragrances. I found Yvonne at Totokaleo during my last shopping trip, which was one month before the lock-down here in NYC. What I love most about Ormaie is that they are a mother and son brand and all of their fragrances are non-synthetic. The bottles are a work of art. I was first attracted to the bottles, in fact, and was thrilled when I discovered how amazing they smelled. 
orimae perfume bottles

Then there's that green bottle called Floret by Antonia's Flowers, based in East Hampton. The first fragrance I ever bought for myself was by Antonia - it was called Tiempe Passate. This perfume maker is by far my favorite - she only makes three fragrances, I believe, and I own each of them. I admire the fact that she's kept her collection tight and refused to add additional scents, just for the sake of range and commercial viability. She's a fragrance genius. She is also on hiatus after 34 years, so I have no way to buy her perfume anymore. These last three drops in this bottle will stay there until she decides to get back to it...

Paris city aerial shot
The other two bottles with similar shapes and gold caps are by L'Artisan. They're an iconic house based in Paris. They transport me to the 7th, which is where Dana and I usually stay about twice a year (again, pre-Miles). One is a light floral and the other is an androgynous scent that has an earthy & woodsy feel.
Then there's the Diptyque fragrance, which most folks will recognize because of their wildly popular candles. This one I only wear a few times a year, because I forget about it, but it's really lovely. It reminds me of the West Village, which is the Diptyque store I frequent - and because we live in Brooklyn and don't step out of our nabe much these days (outside of work), it feels so far away. 
And lastly, there's that DS & Durga fragrance which is new for me. I randomly came across this one in Soho, smelled it for a sec, and then made an immediate purchase. That's what happens when I know something is really amazing - the purchase is quick and I'm out the door. I wear it every single day and I can't get enough of it. It's my new signature scent and it wears beautifully.

Your Turn

Where are your favorite travel destinations for shopping? And, what are your favorite fragrances? Leave a comment below!



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