A Classic New York City Proposal

A Classic New York City Proposal

This New York City couple was looking for a distinctive engagement ring and they were open to creating something bespoke. But, Rebecca and Josh found the perfect ring for them right in the Dana Walden Studio. Read more.

Rebecca May & Josh Meltz Proposal- Central Park NYC

Photo: Amanda Slattery Photography

"I used to call Josh my algorithm boyfriend, and now I get to call him my algorithm husband," Rebecca May of NYC joked. Josh Meltz, originally from Philadelphia, joined the Hinge dating app on a whim. He and Rebecca (who hails from Los Angeles) matched on Day 1 and have been inseparable since.

"We went on our first date and I adopted Betty (a rescue dog) within days of each other," Rebecca explains. "Then New York City started to shut down due to the pandemic." The couple decided early on to be exclusive in the interest of health concerns, but also because it just felt so right. 

Rebecca and Josh supported each other through pandemic layoffs, adjusting to a new pup, and safely navigating the start of a global health crisis. "One of our joys during the dark days of COVID lockdown was long walks through Central Park, so it was extra special to get engaged there," said Rebecca.

Before the big proposal however, the couple set out in search of an ethical jeweler and lined up appointments with some NYC studios. They met with Dana & Rad at Dana Walden Bridal first. "I'm not even sure why we went to the other appointments after leaving the Dana Walden studio- we knew that the Sarai ring was the one."

Rebecca admitted that she hadn't planned to veer too far from the path of a classic, traditional engagement ring. At the same time, she was also open to a bespoke design. But when she scanned the one-of-a-kind designs that Dana & Rad had displayed in the studio, the grey diamond Sarai engagement ring (a Dana Walden original design) caught her eye. "You know what," Dana said, "I think that would look amazing on you."


Not at all what Rebecca had envisioned, she put the ring on and examined herself in the studio's large mirror. She was smitten.

"This design felt really personal and serendipitous, kind of like how I met Josh," Rebecca recalls. "It was simply perfect for me." 

Dana & Rad love what they do and that much is clear in their timeless-but-distinctive collection of unique ready-to-ship engagement ring designs. The skilled designers and avid gem collectors have a truly breathtaking line up of one-of-a-kind exclusive designs available to ship in just 2-3 days. Fact is, your dream ring could be in our vaults right now.


When Rebecca and Josh went on another one of their regular walks through the park a few weeks after that trip to Dana Walden Studio, enough time had passed that Rebecca thought it might be the day Josh would ask her to marry him. But as they walked, Josh bypassed all the typical photo-op spots: they strolled past the Bethesda Fountain, The Boathouse, and Rebecca started to think, "Hm, OK, maybe today isn't the day."

Then he stopped at the Hans Christen Andersen statue where he had strategically hidden a small group of loved ones just around the corner, for a picnic of pizza and a sassy engagement cake.


Engagement Cake: Becky & Josh get engaged.

Josh even arranged to have a doowop group sing live as he popped the question. "I've never been the kind of person to dream about how my proposal would happen, but if I did it would have been exactly this," Rebecca said.

Now re-employed since their COVID layoffs, Rebecca works in Real Estate Asset Management and Josh is in Financial Services & Investment Banking right here in New York City. The couple plans to set a date soon and hope to marry in (as you might have guessed) their beloved Central Park.


R+J, We adore the Sarai ring and are thrilled she found the perfect home with you. Wishing you all the best as you start this new chapter together! 

All our best,

Dana + Rad



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