7 Engagement Ring Dos and Don'ts

7 Engagement Ring Dos and Don'ts
Emerald cut solitaire engagement ring by Dana Walden Jewelry
Here, Dana and Rad share their tried-and-tested engagement ring cleaning and care tips. Certainly, your fine jewelry will be well made if you order through the Dana Walden Studio but there are a few best practices to help you protect your investment and treat it with respect; not to mention, these habits will extend the time between professional cleanings which can save you some cash. (If you have a Dana Walden engagement ring, ask us about our complimentary cleaning services.)

Without further ado, here are our top tips for keeping your ring clean and cared for:

  • Do make sure your engagement ring is the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off in the evening.
  • Don't wear your engagement ring while applying lotions or other beauty products.
  • Do store your engagement ring in your Dana Walden ring box after wear.  
  • Don't wear your engagement ring during activities that may expose it to harsh chemicals or a hard blow (i.e. sports, gardening, cleaning, etc.)
  • Do clean your ring (using the process shown below), but be sure to use a gentle touch.
  • Don't remove your ring by pulling at the center diamond or gemstone, which will weaken the prongs over time.  Gently slide it off from the base instead.
  • Don't wear your engagement ring while swimming or showering, as your fingers can shrink in water and chlorine can damage metals used to alloy gold for diamond settings.

Solitaire engagement ring by Dana walden


This information was originally published on our How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring page, right here. Check it out for our favorite at-home cleaning tips, and more.



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