Dainty & Delicate Engagement Rings

Dainty & Delicate Engagement Rings

According to The Zoe Report, dainty engagement ring trends are a vibe. And a delicate, minimalist ring doesn't have to be a simple design that's free of artful details. Here, we breakdown the most coveted petite ring trends with beautiful examples from our collection.

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Unique Cuts

This 0.55ct exclusive hexagon cut diamond is a petite design that makes an impact. Geometric and modern, balanced and refined, the Henley ring is a truly unique take on the timeless combo of gold & diamonds. $3950; danawaldenbridal.com/henley

Diamond Bands

A fanciful engagement band highlighted by clusters of sparkling baguette diamonds, juxtaposed with alternating round brilliant diamonds. Cinzia is an architectural work of art, handcrafted in 14k yellow gold. $2960; danawaldenbridal.com/cinzia

Petite Knife-Edge Solitaires

Aquamarine is best known as the birthstone for the month of March, but it is a popular substitution for diamonds in alternative or nontraditional engagement rings. In crystal healing traditions, the aquamarine is a calming, soothing and cleansing gem. It is said to inspire focus and trust while opening up easy, transparent communication in relationships. $1950; danawaldenbridal.com/kelsie

Popular at DW

Our Petite Astrid is simple and elegant. We drew inspiration from Paris for this piece, particularly the effortless way in which women wear their jewelry. A sparkling conflict-free champagne diamond offers a unique touch, while richly hued 14k yellow gold creates an air of timelessness. $1500; danawaldenbridal.com/petite-astrid



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