Enter today for your chance to win our exquisite WREN engagement ring!
This unique engagement ring was designed by Dana & Rad, the husband and wife team, behind Dana Walden Bridal. The heart of this piece is a 1.50 carat blush colored morganite, beautifully adorned in 14k rose gold. Graceful arcs were designed to anchor this artful creation, while a meticulously detailed basket and six elegant prongs makes Wren a sight to behold. WREN is valued at $2600.
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– dana & rad


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I would like to have a engagement.


I would like to have a engagement.


You are so talented! This ring is simple yet unique. I think it would look good on me too :)


I think this ring is unique because its not something you see every day! When I got engaged I started paying attention to every else’s rings for inspiration and I have yet to see something like this one!

Richard Gonzalez

This ring is everything my fiancé is, beautiful and unique. I recently proposed to her with a morganite engagment ring, because that is what her dream ring was. I couldn’t afford a 2,000 ring, but the ring I was able to afford is still nice. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met and I feel like she deserves so much more than I can give right now. And I would love to beable to give her this dream ring.

ashly dean

I love this ring! There is a unique style and elegance to your creations. The beaty of this ring is so much more classy than you can find in other engagement rings. It is kind of like me, very different, yet still stunningly beautiful through its grace.

Desiree Jackson

The ring is so simple yet magnificently gorgeous and I think it should be mine


This ring create its own Beauty and will enhance my beauty. It’s Unique and unoriginal, I can’t even say if it’s one of a kind for I’ve never seen this ring on a bride. It’s very vintage and classy. I believe I should have this ring because it will enhance my beautiful wedding dress, and it will catch the eyes of those who thought I was poor.


The blush and rose gold combination of Wren is so unique and eye-catching. I especially love the combination of the classic design with the modern metal. This ring would be the perfect engagement ring because it reminds me of my our relationship — my fiancé is a bit traditional and I’m a bit trendy, but it totally works!

Nicolette German

Travis, my boyfriend, and I have been friends for 13 years and have been dating for 5 of those. He is my best friend and the love of my life. I insist on spending money on making memories and not on tangible things because we can’t always afford the luxury of both. This ring is stunning, it’s unique just like the two of us. It has the perfect amount of vintage & classic intertwined. Travis is the love of my life and I would love to surprise him with this, a ring that like us, blends so perfectly together to create one. Mark 10:8 ?


This ring is absolutely beautiful! I’m not newly engaged or heading down that road. My husband and I will celebrate our 13 years of marriage on August 23 and we have been together just shy of 20 years. My ring is beautiful and I cherish it everyday but our journey here looks very much like this ring. The intricate ups and downs of life. The curves of making a family with three gorgeous girls and the over all rose color that our love shines on our lives. So I may not be qualified to win this magnificent ring as a newlywed but it would make such a spectacular anniversary gift from a man who has given me my everything.

Elizabeth Donnelly

Interesting stone. I like stones other than diamonds. This I like. Rose gold compliments stone.

Amber starck

I’ve been waiting for a ring for 4 years from my man… Maybe this will push?? :)


I am so blessed to be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding. I would love to win this ring for her! She is the kindest, sweetest person and I know she would love it. Please help me to make my maid of honor dreams come true by giving me the opportunity to win this for my sis

Morgan Alyse

My name is MORGAN and I tragically lost my best friend in the world last year. We were inseparable. She was so dear to my heart that my Grandmother purchased a Tiffinay rose gold charm with the initial of the letter “t” on it. I haven’t taken off since the accident. My dream engagement ring has always been a “Rose Gold ring with a Morganite” stone to always keep my two loves together for always! The combination of your exquisite Rose Gold ring, with my memorable “t” Rose Gold necklace would be cherished from my wedding day until forever.
MORGANite + T = Ture Love through Eternity

Leanne Choi

My mother is dying of cancer and her wish was to see me get married. I couldn’t give her a wedding, but I could give her the promise and the hope for one. So I proposed to my boyfriend (with a ring for him), but I don’t have one for myself yet. I’m unconventional by nature and I didn’t want the usual diamond ring. I’ve always dreamed of having a non-traditional, vintage/art deco style custom ring, and the rose gold with morganite is as unique as me! This is beyond perfect!


This stunning ring embodies modern elegance but still evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Its presence in my life would be an amazing constant reminder that I alone am enough! It is simply perfection!


This ring is unique simply due to the intricate detail in the setting… Yes the stone is gorgeous, but it is housed in what looks to be the finest of fine workmanship that only enhances it! I love it!

Katie Bugsch

Nothing says timeless elegance like morganite mixed with rose gold. I love unique pieces with an antique vibe. I tend to be an old soul with my own sense of style. I think this ring would fit my personality and style perfectly!!! ✨


I have never seen a rose gold ring that melds together this beautifully with the stones! Incredible yet not too over the top!

Terri Maland

I knew right away the stone was Morganite…. but what a beautiful cut and setting. The ring reminds me of vintage Cartier, and I love vintage!!

Terri Maland

I knew right away the stone was Organized …. but what a beautiful cut and setting. The ring reminds me of vintage Cartier, and I love vintage!!

Shiu Ann Woo

This ring would make anyone want to get married. For “Wren” it happens. <3

Bebe Russell

It’s everything I’ve ever drooled over. We never had a wedding- just had a friend “marry” us in our living room and that was that. Planned on having a ceremony later on, then my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, and a few months later my father in law with lung cancer. Between that and our two kids, there hasn’t been time or money for extras like weddings or jewelry (or even dinner dates).

In a nutshell, I would cherish it for life- as a memento for when we weathered the biggest storms of our life together. ❤️


You guys are so talented! This ring is simple yet unique. I think it would look good on me too :)

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