"I set out looking for a custom engagement ring, but as I went to places I noticed two things..."

The very best! 
I set out looking for a custom engagement ring, but as I went to places I noticed two things. Firstly,  most places were quick to make a sale, not understanding the idea of shopping around. Secondly, the idea of custom engagement rings is subjective at best. When I would say I wanted a custom ring they would show me some of their rings. I would point at elements of different rings that interested me, and get a swift response of being able to combine it to make my ring. This may not be a problem for some, but I was hoping for more.
Enter Dana and Rad, and all the sudden my ring buying experience changed. I set up an appointment with a general guideline of what I was looking for, and had a time a few weeks later. They had some of the most beautifully designed rings out on display. Looking at Rad and Dana's work, and talking to them helped clarify my desired ring. I bounced ideas off of them, and in turn they made a few wonderful suggestions that perfectly fit with what I wanted.
Next was the diamond selection appointment. (Rad and Dana mentioned that they only dealt with conflict free diamonds). After discussing with them how the design would change with each diamond; I picked the diamond that would work best with the design I had in mind. 
To make a long story a little bit shorter, 6 weeks later I received an email that my ring was ready. The ring was perfect, and my fiancee agreed when I proposed a few weeks later. Everyone should consider setting up an appointment at Dana Walden Bridal. They have great eyes for design and craftsmanship, on top of being reasonably priced for a completely custom engagement ring.

Brendan T.
Amityville, NY

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