Highly recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy shop and the perfect custom piece!

Twas the night before we were set to go out on our first engagement ring search when we ran into a couple at the bar of Union Square Café, Dana and Rad. We told them of our upcoming ring search and they provided some excellent tips. They advised us on spots to stop, what questions to ask and what was important to look for when trying to find the perfect (and quality) piece. Never were we once pressured into coming to see them and were encouraged to shop around. They were very honest and up front and we could instantly tell they cared about the entire experience and wanted us to enjoy ourselves. We left the bar that night knowing we would indeed shop around the next day but that we definitely needed to give Dana Walden a visit.

We booked an appointment with Dan & Rad for a Saturday afternoon. Their studio is gorgeous and unique. We had told them pre-visit what we were looking for so when we arrived they were well prepared. We were shown a few different diamonds (perfect amount to not be overwhelmed) in the cut we wanted and within the size range we were looking for. Dana and Rad’s knowledge and ability to simplify the process helped immensely as they definitely know their stuff and want to work with you to give you exactly what you are looking for.
They provided some detailed guidance on band options and showed us various pieces that would work for the style we were looking for. They were able to take our ideas and turn it into the perfect custom piece. I sent Sarah away for me to have a private conversation with Dana and Rad as I knew we finally found the perfect piece. We figured out all the payment details that day and the piece arrived before they estimated it would. I was a bit hesitant to buy something without seeing the final product in person, but it was exactly as I pictured and as they indicated it would be. The experience from beginning to end was exactly what we were hoping for and it’s all thanks to Dana and Rad. We will definitely be back again to find our wedding bands. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy shop and the perfect custom piece!
-Nicholas B.