Know Thy Maker

Know Thy Maker

Know Thy Maker - Engagement Ring Designer Dana Walden Chin - Dana Walden NYC

Some call him an artist, others label him a designer, but more than anything else, Dana Walden Chin is a ‘maker’. For more than a decade, he has created engagement rings and accessories for people who embrace art and visual culture, but who also find the notion of ‘big box retailers’ unappealing. Dana explains his credo, “All of my jewelry starts with a concept; I sketch, and forge, and sculpt and tinker. I enjoy the act of making jewelry with my hands. Each engagement ring has it’s own soul and is handmade using recycled metals and gemstones that I personally source”.

Dana’s wife, Radika (affectionately known as ‘Rad’) is the company’s Creative Director. She is jokingly called the ‘Aesthetic Police’ by those who know her well, and for good reason—Rad has an irreverent passion for design and finalizes every sketch and model before it gets produced. While Dana enjoys the tactile feedback of working in metal, Rad prefers to sketch her designs in graphite first. In addition to designing, she is also responsible for sourcing and curating DWB’s eclectic collection of antique engagement rings. Rad selects the finest rings from auction houses, antique shops, and trusted dealers around the world; each piece tells its own unique story. 

When Dana & Rad speak of inspiration, their sentences are sprinkled with mentions of Antoni Gaudi, Cindy Sherman, Salvador Dalí, and of course—Brooklyn (the place they call home, and also Rad’s hometown). Their diverse city inspires them to create jewelry that goes beyond adornment. Rad begins, “Our engagement rings are elevated to art through the merging of client and artisanOur customers  are probably our greatest inspirations because each person is so unique. One minute, we're meeting with a gentleman that works in finance with an affinity for art & design. The next, we're helping an elementary school teacher from Fort Greene select the perfect champagne diamond. We love our work.”

When you choose Dana Walden Bridal, you will work with an actual metalsmith and designer whose jewelry has adorned the likes of Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, and Rashida Jones. Dana will personally meet with you at his Fifth Avenue studio and walk you through his design process, helping you to select a ring that speaks to your unique vision.

Each piece of jewelry is fabricated by hand, using only recycled metals and conflict- free diamonds. Nothing is ever mass-produced, and every jewel is crafted locally in New York City. The team offers a variety of services to help you  create the ring of your dreams -- from diamond sourcing, to custom design, and even rush options to help you meet a specific deadline. 

The duo's work has received accolades from Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Lucky, and New York Magazine's Wedding Guide. In addition to designing jewelry for major commercials and editorials, Dana and Rad have had the honor of collaborating with some of fashion's top tastemakers, including Geren Ford and Doo. Ri