Our Interview with Brides Magazine - Engagement Ring Upgrades

Rad talked with Brides Magazine a while back about engagement ring upgrades. While the article was primarily about wanting a new & improved engagement ring, we really loved what Rad had to say about "connecting" to your ring and looking for enhancements before taking on a huge financial commitment.


Brides: In your experience, why can asking for an engagement ring upgrade be such a nerve-wracking request? 

Rad: I would imagine that this request is nerve-wracking because you're essentially talking about two emotional topics -- your marriage and your finances. Think about what an upgrade means to you (it it a larger diamond? is it a new setting? is it an entirely new ring?) and set time aside to discuss these ideas with your partner, openly and honestly. After you've talked about your desires & expectations, it's time to set a budget. Setting a budget range from the beginning is the best way to upgrade your ring in a way that is stress-free and fun. 

Brides: Is there an amount of time you might recommend a woman wait before making such a request? Why or why not?
Rad: You should give yourself time to "connect" to your engagement ring.  How does it make you feel? How does it look with your wedding band? Experiment by wearing it in different ways -- with other items in your jewelry box, with different ensembles, etc. If at any point your ring feels like it's lacking, make an appointment to meet with a jewelry designer. Talk to them about your ideas and be honest about your budget. A good designer will offer realistic options and advice on how to achieve your goals, and they will always respect your budget. An excellent designer will use their expertise to offer options that you never knew existed. I encourage my upgrade clients to start by enhancing their current engagement ring with a unique stacking band. For example, if your engagement ring feels too modern, add a vintage feel with a thin deco-inspired band; this option is far more cost-effective and sometimes all you need is a little extra flourish, as opposed to a completely new ring.