Should I select rose gold for my engagement ring?

Should I select rose gold for my diamond engagement ring?

We see this scenario all the time. You like rose gold jewelry, but you're not quite sure about committing to such a nouveau metal for your engagement ring. This dilemma may seem difficult, but it's actually pretty simple to assess your affinity for rose gold over time.

The fact of the matter is, most women that opt for rose gold have ALWAYS known that their engagement ring would be rose gold. It's at the top of their preference list and everyone (including their partner) knows it. This client wants her engagement ring to be timeless and chic, but she's not overly concerned with how classic it might seem. She has a more laissez approach to her jewelry—she's confident that she will love her decision 10 years from now, but if for some reason she wants a change, she'll just have her diamond re-set. Simple as that.

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

- I like rose gold, but I'm not sure if I love rose gold

- I'm worried that my ring may come off as being too trendy

- I don't ever want to re-set my diamond in the future

- Having a classic engagement ring is really important to me

If so, we recommend opting for a white or yellow metal. Think about your style on a spectrum that goes from classic (1) to avant-garde (10). If you find yourself closer to a 1, we'd recommend platinum or white gold for your setting. A white metal is guaranteed to endure generations and you'll never have to worry about whether or not you made the right choice. If you're somewhere in between, you can also add yellow gold into the equation, as this metal can slide the line between classic and current quite easily.

If you're still dreaming of rose gold long after your engagement ring & wedding band are complete, consider selecting a thin rose gold band to stack with your ensemble. We've designed delicate bands in our collection for just this reason, and many of them can be purchased for under $1000. They will add just the right amount of character to your bridal set, without taking you into avant-garde territory.