All About Birthstones

Throughout the ages, people have looked for ways to adorn themselves with jewelry that is beautiful and meaningful.  Historically, every natural gemstone formed from the earth was believed to possess its own special energy and curative properties that could impact the spirit of its wearer.



When choosing an engagement ring, it can be helpful to consider your birthstone or birthstone of your significant other. Birthstones, long believed to provide you with good fortune and protection based on your astrological sign, could make for a uniquely personal engagement ring idea. 


The earliest mention of birth gemstones most likely dates back to the Book of Exodus, where "Aaron’s breastplate is described as containing 12 gems, one for each of the 12 tribes of Israel, with the interpretation that the stones could have also symbolized the 12 months of the Roman calendar." (VIA)

But modern-day gemstones were largely established by none other than mineralogist, Frederick Kunz. Kunz was the author of the book, The Curious Lore of Precious Stones, and his work would inform the official birthstone array recognized by the National Association of Jewelers and still in use today.


2022 Birthstones


Dana Walden Birthstone Collection

Aquamarine SKYLAR engagement ring by Dana Walden Bridal.

SKYLAR is a derivation of our beloved SIENNA engagement ring. Our aquamarine (birthstone for March) version offers a cool & crisp color palate with tremendous sparkle. Other aquamarine options currently available:

Another birthstone gem that has become a non-traditional favorite are Blue Sapphires (birthstone for September). 

Alexandra lab sapphire engagement ring by Dana Walden

ALEXANDRA is our popular lab-sapphire engagement ring, flanked by lunette diamonds. If you're a fan of this non-traditional bridal look, consider:


We are open to customizing ANY of our settings with a viable gemstone of your choice. We are happy to custom source gemstones for you as well!

If you'd like to incorporate your birthstone into ANY our designs, please send an email to with an inquiry.