Couples Opting for Singular or Stacked Gold & Diamond Bands

Couples Opting for Singular or Stacked Gold & Diamond Bands

2020 had a tremendous impact on the wedding industry, especially as couples rescheduled weddings & receptions or scaled down celebrations & eloped. 2020 (and the pandemic in particular) has adjusted everyone's reality and priorities. This has been reflected in trends for ethically handmade, low profile gold & diamond wedding bands that can be worn singularly or in bridal sets or stacks, and some couples opting to pass on more traditional diamond engagement ring designs.

Diamond and gold wedding bands


In the midst of the pandemic, we had a flurry of clients in the healthcare field requesting options for low-profile rings that had conflict-free diamonds or responsibly-sourced sapphire adornment, without the pronounced baskets that would easily tear through PPE (personal protective equipment, latex gloves in particular).

Dana Walden's line of gold & diamond "engagement bands" answered that call, providing plenty of timeless appeal without skimping on shimmering details. Generally, clients decided to swap their original engagement design for one of the band-style rings above or to wear a singular band in place of their original bridal set. (Still other clients went for ultra luxe looks by stacking these with their Dana Walden engagement rings including our Jessa Oval Solitaire and Astrid Solitaire designs).

Below, explore our most-viewed diamond & gold band-style rings at

Ellison Eternity Band

Ellison diamond eternity band

Ellison's clean and modern design really allows hand-selected diamonds to shine. You'll turn heads whether you wear this minimalistic masterpiece as part of a bridal set or splurge on a set of three for a luxe right hand stack. Feeling adventurous? Order one in white gold, another in yellow gold, and another in rose gold for the ultimate mixed-metal suite. $3400 each;

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Billie Diamond Tiara Band

billie diamond tiara band

Few silhouettes are as luxurious as the 'tiara' band, which is typically highlighted by a row of diamonds set by hand and tipped in gold. Our stunning Billie band features all of the classic tiara adornments, with the added touch of golden beadwork beneath her stately diamonds. $1900;


Linea Baguette & Round Diamond Wedding Band

linea diamond and gold band

Linea features two rows of brilliant diamonds, creating the illusion of a stacked ring set that is just waiting to be paired with a DW engagement ring—or perhaps a few extra diamond bands! Clients often ask us about which our rings should be stacked to create the perfect band suite, so we created Linea to take the guesswork out of layering. This ring is gorgeous worn solo as well. $2800;


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Lucca Diamond Band

lucca diamond and gold band

Dana and Rad designed this piece to reference one of their favorite decades in fashion - the 1930's, when the concept of 'movement' and fluidity was just as important as the inclusion of fine beading, ornamentation and gems. Lucca features a sparkling tapestry of baguettes interwoven with round brilliant diamonds. $3650;

Cinzia Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

cinzia diamond and gold wedding band
This fanciful ring is highlighted by clusters of sparkling baguette diamonds, juxtaposed with alternating round brilliant diamonds. Cinzia is an architectural work of art, handcrafted in 14k yellow gold. Her silhouette is tapered and thinner around the bottom of the band, allowing for maximum comfort and ease of wear. $2960;


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