Obsessed With the Beach? Wear Beach Vibes on Your Hand

Obsessed With the Beach? Wear Beach Vibes on Your Hand
Italian beaches - blue sapphire engagement rings by Dana Walden Bridal
Shown: Italian beaches alongside our Junia ($4300) and Maeve ($4500) sapphire and diamond handmade engagement rings. These rings are one of a kind and ready to ship now.
We're approaching that point of summer where everyone's got getaways on the mind. We're thinking about the beautiful beaches of Italy and couldn't help but realize how our clear blue sapphire engagement rings Junia (top), Maeve (bottom) and Leila (below) are all evocative of beautiful blue waters and sand.
Leila blue sapphire handmade engagement ring by Dana Walden Bridal Jewelry
Shown: Leila purple-blue sapphire, white diamond and rose gold engagement ring ($4730). This ring is one of a kind and ready to ship now.
"It's like a wearable staycation," one client mused about the DW handmade, one-of-a-kind Junia ring. Certainly, it's been a tough year for folks with wanderlust and lovers of travel. We love the idea of fine jewelry as a token or reminder of past vacations or vacations to come. And, we love the idea that our designs might resurface good memories for DW collectors and future DW brides out there.

In closing...

For more mood-lifting DW designs check out this blog post. We are scheduling LIMITED appointments in our NYC Studio if you'd like to view any of the rings mentioned here. You can read about our general COVID-19 Safety Precautions here.


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