Dana Walden Jewelry's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions & Protocols

Dana Walden Jewelry's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions & Protocols
UPDATED AUGUST 5, 2021Dana Walden Studio

In response to everyone's shared concerns about safety during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the Delta Variant, we have a few notes to share with you regarding in-studio visits and our general business operations. 

For in-person visitors to the studio:

  • Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination upon entry to the studio. Alternatively, as a contactless option, you can send a photo of your vaccination card via email when requesting your appointment.
  • Please confirm your appointment with us by email prior to arriving.
  • Please let us know if you are not feeling well and need to cancel or postpone your studio visit.

Please understand that the health of our clients, community, and our own family is very, very important to us. We appreciate your honesty and cooperation in the matters listed above.


Our current production time for most Special Order items is still 3 - 6 weeks (or whatever timeline we've previously discussed, depending on the project at the time of your order). All of our services continue to function as normal: initial consultations, custom design appointments, diamond sourcing, filling web orders as well as sizing and repairs. We will reach out to you personally if timelines should change. That being said, we are bound by the mandates and protocol of New York City, so if new mandates come into play as the Delta variant phase of the pandemic unfolds, protocol is subject to change. We will continue to monitor developments and adhere to recommendations released by the CDC, PHAC and WHO public health agencies. 


Here are actions and precautions that we are taking in order to keep our studio safe and clean for your scheduled appointment. You can rest assured that our sanitation and hygiene standards are now and have always been high. Additionally, we never have more than 4 guests in the studio at a time. Since we are not open to the public/ appointment-only, we have the ability to reach out to all of our clients pre-meeting to ensure that everyone is feeling well before they come into the studio. All prospective visiting clients are required to answer a questionnaire before securing a time slot and may be asked to produce a vaccination card upon entering the studio for their in-person visit.

The studio has 5th Avenue and 31st Street exposures, so we create cross ventilation in our open plan studio by opening windows facing each of those streets. The studio is large enough for everyone inside to keep 6 feet of distance if needed or preferred. 


  • Regularly disinfecting all of the surface areas in our studio between each new appointment.

  • Hand sanitizer is accessible and offered to every client before and after each appointment. 

  • Everyone is asked to use hand sanitizer before trying on rings and handling jewelry.

  • Everyone in the studio is asked to double mask. If you don't have masks/ extra masks we can provide those for you.

  • There are regular cleanings of the studio and weekly deep cleanings of the studio space.

  • No pets policy.


Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation as we all continue to navigate our new normal. Reach out to us any time with questions or concerns by emailing us at sales@danawaldenbridal.com

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