Trends: Blue & Green Gemstones in Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Trends: Blue & Green Gemstones in Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Modern brides are seeking blue (aquamarine and sapphire) and green (particularly emerald) engagement rings in 2021. Sure, industry resources like The Knot have highlighted the trend, but we've seen it first hand with our clientele of tastemakers and trendsetters opting for timeless-but-distinctive designs that feature these meaningful gemstones.

Something Blue

You can read about the meaning behind March's birthstone, aquamarine right here. Similarly, sapphires are the birthstone for September. The gem saw an uptick in interest when a certain royal family passed a certain iconic oval blue sapphire engagement ring down to a new generation. Sapphires saw such a resurgence in popularity that we were commissioned to create London.

london blue sapphire diamond halo engagement ring

Given the history of the Garrard design worn by Lady Diana Spencer and now Princess Kate Middleton, sapphires came to represent an accessible nobility and an air of royalty. Then there's the overall meaning and symbolism of the color blue itself: A blue engagement ring is said to represent loyalty and devotion to one's partnership. Evocative of the sky and sea, the color is often associated with wide open spaces and freedom, as well as calmness, tranquility and sincerity. An engagement ring with a blue sapphire or aquamarine gemstone is a wonderful choice for a bride who loves the beach or ocean, or immensely enjoys world travel.

Ancient Painting of Buddha

Whether it's the light, cool blue of aquamarine gemstones or the intense rich hue of deep blue sapphires, shades of blue are singularly known for their stress-relieving properties. Additionally, the color has heavy symbology in eastern and western spirituality alike, with artistic representations of Buddha, Krishna and Shiva (among others) shown in blue, and many biblical mentions of the color, too.

In color psychology, it's said that if your favorite color is blue, you aspire to harmony in all parts of your life. According to Psychology Today, your favorite color indicates that you are likely reliable, sensitive, and always make an effort to think of others.

Sapphires are extremely durable, ranking second only to diamonds with a 9 rating on Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Despite the popularity of deep blue sapphires (and even pink Padparadsha sapphires in the recent past), sapphires can actually be sourced in a range of natural colors, making it a fun gemstone for jewelers to work with. 

That brings us to teal sapphires, which are a favorite among Dana Walden clients. One of our best-selling rings of the year so far is our Tillary teal sapphire engagement ring, with sculptural metal halo and ethical diamond accents.

Teal sapphires, sometimes known as Peacock Sapphires or Mermaid Sapphires, feature an amazing bi-color rendering of deep blues & greens. The two colors can either be blended or show up in distinct color zones, like they do in our Aspen petite engagement ring, perfect for small, slender hands.teal sapphire petite engagement ring

Teal sapphires are associated with clarity and fidelity, and shades can range from lighter shades of discernable teal to dark, inky shades of teal. Given their association with magical and mystical colors of mermaids and peacocks, there is an air of whimsy with this gemstone, but we've also found that brides with a love of sophisticated, gothic styles tend to gravitate to the deeper, darker teal designs- particularly teal sapphire gems that appear to be nearly black.

anisa teal sapphire engagement ring

 Shown here is our signature Anisa ring. See also Tiva and Shea in our collection if you want to explore more looks like this.

Emerald City

Emerald gold engagement band

There is also a growing interest in vivid green emeralds this year, with many brides opting for that luxe green-and-gold combo. Shown here is our popular engagement band, Allie.

While emeralds are more fragile than diamonds and sapphires, for many, the stunning look of a rich, green jewel is worth the extra care and TLC. In fact, interest in emeralds and emerald-cut gems are at an all time high. Since emeralds tend to have such tremendous character and visual interest, the namesake cut is a strong and powerful one that allows for the true beauty of any gem to show clearly through.

Emeralds are the birthstone for the month of May, making them a thoughtful engagement ring choice for brides born, engaged or married during that time. It is said that if you like the color green this generally points to a tendency to be affectionate, loyal, and frank. You may also place great importance in what others think of you and your reputation.

Mira engagement ring

Shown here is our NEW ready to ship design, Mira. The monochromatic look gives the ring an astounding presence, while the design of the bezel setting provides security that is as beautiful as it is protective to the gem. Please note, there is only 1 Mira in stock.

Emeralds in their richest green hue often symbolize nature, renewal, growth, and abundance. It is said that the connection of the gem to royalty was popularized with Cleopatra, who often wore and gifted the stone as a symbol of immortality, wealth, and power. In Greece and Rome, emeralds are also known to represent the goddess Venus, a deity of love. The gem has symbolism in just about every ancient culture, including Indian and Hindu stories, as well as some mention in biblical stories.

It's worth noting that emerald jewels require special care and maintenance and cannot be cleaned using the same harsh methods as diamonds (i.e. no ultrasonic cleaning, no steam cleaning, and no harsh chemicals). If you opt for an emerald ring, rest assured that Dana and Rad will tell you all you need to know to ensure your piece lasts for generations to come.

Our Guarantee

As always, please know that all of the gemstones, including natural and lab diamonds + all of the gemstones mentioned above are vetted and personally sourced by Dana and Rad themselves. Our network of dealers is certified ethical and our designers often examine nearly hundreds of gems before picking the perfect ones for each of our handmade pieces. Your piece will be no different. As avid gemstone collectors, Dana and Rad have often tapped into their impressive gem library to source the perfect gems for custom engagement rings. The gems in their collection are truly one of a kind, resulting in some of our most memorable designs, including Shivana and Savannah, among others.

All of the fine metals used in our jewelry is ecofriendly and has no new mining impact. We adhere to a strict code of ethics when creating our jewelry. We want to ensure that every Dana Walden client can have an ethically handmade piece that they can feel good about wearing.











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